SAT Prep

SAT Prep: Tackling the Test
As the name suggests, our prep course focuses on the most critical element of SAT success: learning how to take the test!  You’ve spent more than a decade in school, gradually learning the content that comprises the SAT.  But the skills needed to master the exam are different than the ones you’ve used to get those awesome grades over the years.  Our instructors will focus on preparing you for SAT success by:

  • Familiarizing you with the the format of the new SAT exam
  • Providing a thorough content review using official SAT practice tests
  • Presenting strategies for tackling every type of exam question
  • Scoring your full­-length practice test to give you an accurate gauge of your strengths and weaknesses

Our private, one-on-one SAT prep is highly adaptable to suit your needs. Our most popular format is the 5-session, 15-hour course designed to be taken over the five weeks leading up to the actual exam.  The fee below is for this option; any modifications to suit your personal needs will be priced accordingly and discussed in advance.

SAT Prep: Tackling the Test: 5 Sessions
Fee: $700.00 (includes all course materials, administration of a full-­length practice exam in a controlled testing environment, and a detailed score report)

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