Stay on top of the material you’re learning in school with our weekly small-group classes! From 5th=-grade math to AP Calculus, we offer weekly check-ins that will keep you at the top of your class!


Introducing the new, digital  SAT! Our private and small-group prep courses will introduce you to the all-new format and content changes, as well as teach you test=taking strategies to help you achieve your best possible score!


Whether online via the ZOOM platform or in-person at our brand-new center in the Galleria, working one-on-one with our exceptional tutors provides students with a proven advantage.


We frequently partner with local universities like Pitt, Washington & Jefferson, and Duquesne to bring exciting, informative workshops and seminars to our students and families.

Why Absolute Value?

At Absolute Value, our goal is to encourage each student, regardless of age, to discover the value of becoming an active, lifelong learner. For one student, that might mean working one-on-one with a tutor to get an “A” in a particularly challenging subject. For another, it might mean joining our weekly collaborative group sessions with friends to stay on top of the material being taught in school. And for yet another, it might mean taking a hobby to the next level in a class or workshop like Creative Writing or Digital Design and Illustration, or Coding with Python. Whatever you want to know, we can help you know better!

In mathematics, the distance from zero to any given point is called its “absolute value.” And since distance, just like learning, isn’t measured in negatives, the absolute value of anything is always positive. We named our business after this concept because every step we help you take towards knowledge is a positive step towards increased confidence, better grades, and overall success.

About the Owners

Heather and Tom Earley started Absolute Value Tutoring in 2016 to help young adults navigate through the complex structure of SAT testing, mathematics, language and literature, and emerging technologies and software.

What began as independent tutoring services has since evolved into a dedicated onsite educational facility with a wealth of interesting and challenging courses. Their beautiful center is conveniently located in the Galleria of Mt. Lebanon on Washington Road.

Absolute Value thrives on a love for learning and exploration with an appreciation for STEM subjects as well as artistic creativity to strengthen the talents of the many individuals who take classes with them.

With a professional background and years of experience in education, Heather and Tom dedicate their time and efforts to provide their students with the right instructors and the necessary guidance for understanding and mastering new skills.

Come to AVT and KNOW BETTER!

We are an educational center like no other. Sure, we offer traditional one-on-one tutoring and subject-specific group lessons, but we also serve as the single best place in the South Hills for innovative, top-quality enrichment classes for adults and children alike. From iPhone Safety and Security classes to Animating with Procreate…from Private Geometry tutoring to Paw Patrol Reading Camp…our exceptional instructors are here for every single person who just wants to LEARN  in an exciting, high-tech, welcoming space. Whatever you want to know, we can help you know better!





From SAT Prep to weekly math groups, our programs will help you reach your full potential all year long!



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