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The Absolute Truth

Heather and Tom Earley started Absolute Value Tutoring in 2016 to help young adults navigate through the complex structure of SAT testing, mathematics, language and literature, and emerging technologies and software.

What began as independent tutoring services has since evolved into a dedicated onsite educational facility with a wealth of interesting and challenging courses. Their beautiful center is conveniently located in the Galleria of Mt. Lebanon on Washington Road.

Absolute Value thrives on a love for learning and exploration with an appreciation for STEM subjects as well as artistic creativity to strengthen the talents of the many individuals who take classes with them.

With a professional background and years of experience in education, Heather and Tom dedicate their time and efforts to provide their students with the right instructors and the necessary guidance for understanding and mastering new skills.

Meet the Experts

20 Bachelor’s degrees

13 Master’s degrees

4 Ph.Ds

1,000’s of hours of teaching experience!

Owner | English

Owner | Technology and Music

Administrative Assistant

Visual Art, Design, Animation, and Web Development

Technology and Math

Curriculum Advisor and Sociology

Biology and Chemistry

Curriculum Advisor and Intelligence Studies

Kindergarten through 5th grade

Songwriting and Creative Writing

Biology and Chemistry

English and ESL

Teaching Assistant

Special Guest Instructor

Content Creator | English Tutor