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For many school-age students, July 4th feels like the midway point of summer. You still have time left to relax, enjoy the weather and go on vacation, but the return of school isn’t more than a few weeks away. 

As commercials for backpacks and classroom supplies flood your social media feeds and TV screens, you might want to think about another worthwhile investment: back-to-school readiness classes. Students can start the school year energized and confident, if they take a little bit of time to prepare! 

Here are some things The Princeton Review suggests students do to get ready: adopt a positive mindset; improve your time management and organization skills; review and refresh what you’ve learned; practice note-taking; and set achievable goals for the upcoming year. 

While all of these tips are rather straightforward and logical, the hard part is actually doing it. Having a routine schedule, where you show up each week to work on these readiness activities, is a way to be accountable and organized in your back-to-school preparations. 

Right now, we have four courses to get your child ready for the new school year. 

Bring your Algebra 1 knowledge back into focus. Topics covered include Linear Equations and Inequalities as well as Linear Functions. The small-group format allows for collaborative group instruction, plus ample time for individual practice. This class is particularly helpful for students starting Algebra II in the fall!

Studying is a skill that takes practice! We’ll teach you everything you need to organize, plan, and study effectively.  Topics covered in this workshop include: What It Means To Be “Smart,” How Memory Works (And Why it Matters!), The Importance of Setting Goals, and more! 

More than just reading through a textbook, effective studying requires an understanding of cognitive function, time management, organization, note-taking and self-testing. Learn and practice the fundamental skills you need to be a successful student as you head into high school!  

Through games, challenges and traditional instruction, this refresher class will increase your confidence (and your grade in English class)! Grammar and writing fundamentals are the main focus of this class.  

Taking one of these courses can make the difference between feeling confident or confused heading into a new grade. With just a few classes dedicated to getting you ready, you can be set up for success. And of course, you’ll want to re-establish some routines and sleep schedules before those early mornings begin again. 

These classes fill up quickly–don’t wait to sign up or reach out with any questions! 

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Lifelong Learning

The importance of continuing to learn as you age cannot be overstated. Countless studies show the cognitive and social benefits for older adults who learn new skills and topics. During a recent study, researchers tested the memory and attention span of older adults before and after enrolling in weekly classes. The results were remarkable. After completing courses on language, art, technology and more, the students scored much higher in cognitive tests and continued to show long-term improvements. This is good news, especially in a country where 73% of adults consider themselves “lifelong learners.” People have plenty of reasons to continue their education in adulthood. Learning something new can help you land an exciting job or earn a promotion, find a new hobby, strengthen social connections and improve overall wellness. Many people believe classes are for full-time students in school pursuing a degree, whether that be a high school diploma or a PhD. The truth is, continuing education courses are for everyone, regardless of the end goal. At Absolute Value Academy, the courses go far beyond ‘traditional tutoring.’ Someone looking to learn about art can take a course on digital illustration or filmmaking. People who need help using technology — whether it’s how to use an iPhone or how to keep your private information secure online — can benefit from lessons. Even taking a class to become a master chess player is a way to engage your mind as a lifelong learner. No matter what you decide to study, scientists have made it clear: the best way to stay sharp as you age is to learn something new. Absolute Value Academy is here to help you do just that.