Meet Our Instructors

  • 17 Bachelors degrees
  • 11 Masters degrees
  • 3 Ph.Ds
  • 1000’s of hours of teaching

Absolute Value Tutoring offers professional educators who are experts in their fields. Please browse through our experienced staff below.

Reasons to consider Absolute Value Tutoring

We are small and plan to stay that way. Think of us an an educational boutique. Our classes are either one-on-one or small groups with a maximum of six students.

The Latin definition of the word “tutor” is “to guard or watch.” For this reason, we hire teachers who are passionate stewards of education. All of our tutors are professional educators who possess mandatory state and federal clearances.

Nestled inside the Galleria with an updated space and the latest technology, Absolute Value is designed for a positive experience.

Heather Squires Moore

Heather is a dedicated child advocate and teacher with a focus on individualizing the eduction of students with special needs. She earned a Masters of Education as well as a Special Education Certificate from Georgia State University. In addition to her expertise with students with special needs, Heather has spent the past five years working […]

Sean Elliot Martin, Ph.D.

A favorite of our students, Dr. Sean has been teaching at Absolute Value Tutoring since we opened our doors in the summer of 2020. Sean’s academic credentials are impressive and varied: He is a professor of Intelligence Studies at Point Park University, holds a Ph.D in English,  an MA in English Literature, a BA in […]

Nicole Arnold

Nicole is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, where she earned her Masters degree in Bioethics; a Bachelors in Biology; and a Bachelors in Cognitive Science.

Michelle Nguyen

Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Rice University, which is known for its groundbreaking programs in research and science. She worked in both biology- and chemistry-focused research labs throughout her college career, specifically within the field of fragment-based drug discovery.

Sharon Riesmeyer

With a BFA in Illustration/Visual Communications from Carnegie Mellon University and certification in K-12 Art Education, Sharon is a highly accomplished and experienced art professional. She has developed and implemented art lesson plans for the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Fine Arts Miracles, and the CMU Pre-College Art Program.  Sharon enjoys teaching children and adults […]

Nikki Phillips

Nikki is an experienced and passionate educator with a penchant for enhancing learning and teaching with technology. Having earned two Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Education, she is currently at work on her Master of Science in Educational Technology at Duquesne University, where she also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Instructional Technology. Nikki has […]

Barbara Paul

Barbara Paul, B.S., M.Ed., owner and creator of Cool Labs Outreach, LLC, received her Bachelor Degree of Science from The Pennsylvania State University.  In 2007, she earned her Master’s Degree in Science Education from the University of Pittsburgh.  During Barbara’s career at the University of Pittsburgh, she has acquired over 30 years of biomedical research […]

Lindsey Fanning

Lindsey is a secondary Mathematics teacher and tutor with over a decade of teaching experience.  She recently completed her Master of Science in Mathematics, and she particularly enjoys teaching the math portions of our SAT and ACT Prep classes. Fun fact: Lindsey was the very first tutor we hired back in 2016!

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